Contact Lens Exams

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Contact Lens Exam

Contact lenses are a popular vision correction method, offering a wider field of view and a more natural feel than glasses. However, you must undergo a contact lens exam before you can experience the benefits of these prescription lenses. This exam is crucial for ensuring the lenses fit your eyes comfortably and provide ideal vision correction. Your optometrist in Redmond, WA, at Healey Vision & Aesthetics, is here to tell you what to expect during a contact lens exam.

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens exam typically involves several components. Your eye doctor will begin with a comprehensive eye exam. This exam assesses your overall eye health, checks your visual acuity, and measures your current prescription. Following the initial exam, your eye doctor will focus on the specifics of contact lens wear. They will measure your cornea to determine the ideal size and curvature of the contact lenses to ensure a comfortable fit. Your eye doctor will also evaluate your tear film since dry eyes can significantly impact contact lens comfort. They may recommend specific solutions or treatments to address dryness if necessary.

Contact Lens Selection and Fitting

Your optometrist will discuss contact lens options once all the measurements and evaluations are complete. They will consider your lifestyle, vision needs, and budget to recommend suitable lens materials and wear schedules, such as daily or bi-weekly. Other contact lens options include soft or rigid gas permeable lenses and specialized contacts like bifocal or toric lenses. Once you select your contacts, you will undergo a fitting. Your optometrist will place a trial lens on your eye to assess its fit, movement, and comfort. They do this to ensure your lenses will not pop out or cause irritation while wearing them.

Taking Care of Your Eyes With Contact Lenses

After a successful fitting, your eye doctor will provide clear instructions on contact lens insertion, removal, and care. They will emphasize the importance of proper hygiene to prevent infections and maintain healthy eyes. Regular follow-up appointments with your eye doctor are essential for monitoring your eye health and ensuring your contact lens prescription remains up-to-date.

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