What Healey Vision & Aesthetics Can Do for You

Finding an optometrist you can trust to deliver high-quality eye care is vital for maintaining healthy eyes and vision. At Healey Vision & Aesthetics in Redmond, WA, we can give you the eye care you need to keep your eyes healthy and your vision strong. Our optometry team can ensure you get the support and care necessary to facilitate healthy eyesight for the future. Whether you are suffering from blurry and distorted vision or have a significant eye condition that needs prompt treatment, our optometrist and staff are here to help protect your eyes and vision.

Services and Conditions Treated

Treating eye issues promptly is crucial for protecting your eye health and vision long-term and reducing the risk of developing conditions that lead to severe or permanent vision loss. Our optometry team can give you a comprehensive eye exam to catch and treat eye conditions before they lead to significant damage. They can evaluate all aspects of your eye health and vision to give you the best treatment possible.

Other services we provide to protect your eye and vision health include:

-Pediatric visual screenings
-Eye disease management
-Contacts and specialty lenses
-Eyeglasses and sunglasses
-Cataract/LASIK co-management
-Corneal refractive therapy
-TempSure Envi

We can help correct refractive vision errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, by prescribing corrective lenses and specialty contacts for you to wear. Our optometrist can also treat and manage conditions like dry eyes, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. Our optometry team can co-manage your LASIK surgical treatment for cataracts or vision correction and ensure you get the best treatment possible.


Premier Selection of Eyewear

Our office offers a wide selection of designer sunglasses, eyeglasses, and optical lens prescriptions to suit your visual needs and lifestyle. We have a showroom where you can test different styles and frames to determine the best eyewear for your vision and fashion. Our optometrist can help you find the perfect fit to give you comfortable wear while looking your best. We also have many exclusive brands that are only available at our office.


Work With a Trusted Optometrist in Redmond, WA, Today

Working with a trusted optometrist near you can help keep your eyes and vision healthy, so contact Healey Vision & Aesthetics in Redmond, WA, to get the high-quality eye care you need to protect your precious eyesight. Whether you need your regular eye exam or treatment for eye conditions, we can help you maintain strong vision and eye health. Call us and schedule an eye exam near you at (425) 883-2020.


A Better Experience

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality care so that they receive the best service possible in Redmond. 

Quality Services

Our staff is trained and knowledgeable about the latest procedures, tools, and techniques to properly care for our patients.

Individual Approach

We focus on creating customized treatment plans for each of our patients based on their individual needs.

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